Sunday, February 12, 2012

Butchering a cow

Yesterday was a busy day around here.  A few days ago, one of our cows tried to give birth.  The calf was stuck half way out when Pappy found her.  The calf was already dead when Pappy pulled it.  The mother cow was paralyzed.  We watched her a couple of days, but she never got back up.  Sometimes they do, but sometimes they don't.  We were afraid if we left her any longer, coyotes or dogs would get her.  So Pappy had to butcher her.  Our processor can only take a cow if it walks in.  If it can't walk, he can't take it, even if it is healthy.  So Pappy had to butcher her himself.  We have done this before, and it is a big job.

Two friends came to help Pappy with this project, and in return he will split the meat with them.  We have wanted a meat grinder for some time, so we took the plunge and bought one.  They can be quite expensive, so I went on line and priced one every where I could find.  We ordered a meat saw and grinder combination.  I was told it would be here in three days, which would have been Friday.  Friday I got an email stating the item had shipped, and would be here in about seven days.  I called the company, and I was told the item weighs 150 pounds, and could not possibly be here in three days.  And that the girl who told me that no longer worked there.

So we are waiting for our saw and grinder so we can grind the meet.  We are pretty much doing all hamburger because that is what we use the most of, and we have other beef in our freezer.  Luckily we have had a cold front come in here, so our meat should be fine until the grinder gets here.

I'll post pictures when the machinery gets here.  See you soon.  Honey


  1. What a big job!! At least it won't go to waste!!

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  3. Thanks for stopping by Katie! I will visit you there!