Monday, February 20, 2012

"Shopping" from my Food Storage

Thursday evening, I needed some things that I had run out of in our kitchen.  Used to, I would have made a grocery list on Thursday evening, and stopped to buy groceries on Friday afternoon on my way home from work. 

Well, I've really been trying to stop buying as much as possible.  Food has gotten so high!  I don't know how people who have to buy all their food, can afford to do so.  So I proceeded to get my gathering basket and my list of items I was short of.  I went through our food storage, and these are the items I was able to find in my own home food storage, without spending a penny!

1.  Coffee - I had half a large can left, which is enough to fill my coffee canister.  I added it to our shopping list for next grocery trip.

2.  Tea - We make a gallon of tea every day.  This is the south, you know!  So i added a box of 100 tea bags to my basket. 

3.  4 D batteries.  Pappy needed these for something.  I can't remember what.  I told him I thought I had some left over from the tornado.  And sure enough, I did!

4.  Tooth Filling Repair Kit - Pappy lost his filling, and can't get into the dentist until Monday afternoon.  I was pretty sure I had one of these kits, because I bought one the last time someone lost a filling.  In my basket it goes.

5.  Prescription nose spray - I didn't know I had this sample!  Scratch that off the list as well.

6.  Children's Tylenol product - GrandBoy has Strep, and I was instructed to give him this regularly so he will be more comfortable, until he is well.

7.  Beef - we have plenty of beef since butchering a cow last week, and I need a pound for dinner.

8.  One box of hamburger noodle dinner mix - For a quick supper!

9.  Green Beans - One quart jar of home grown and canned green beans will round out our quick dinner.

10.  Over the Counter Sinus Medicine - I use this daily!

So this list of 10 items that I was able to gather from my home food storage, saved me close to $40 dollars.  And it probably would have been more, cause you know you can't just buy what is on your list!  Maybe you should start gathering up those extra items around your house.  The extra tooth paste and brushes your dentist gives the kids at their check up.  The extra peas and corn you buy during a sale.  Just organize those items, and that is the beginning of your food storage.  I'm going to start shopping my pantry first!  Honey


  1. That is fantastic! We are currently eating all our pantry/freezer items down to get ready for our move so I've been being creative with our meals lately trying to work all that extra in.

  2. That's great! Do you know when you will leave yet? I want you to teach me to make yogurt when you get back. In person, so I can watch!

  3. And if your into couponing and have a Kroger card you can go to (I think it's that site) where you can register your Kroger card then you can add digital coupons to the card. We've done that and saved on toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent and what ever else we can find. We've saved up to 8.50 in groceries that way.

  4. That's a great tip! Thanks for sharing with me. We can all help each other when we share our tips!

  5. Me and the girls will be there mid-July. We are going to stay with the in-laws for a bit. Jamey's actual date is Oct 1st to get off active duty so he'll follow with the household after that! It'll be here FAST!!! (I'll start house shopping this summer) Yes ma'am I will def show you when we get home!