Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Mom's Work is Never Done

Daughter #1 had her wisdom teeth removed today.  She did really well with her surgery, and has done well this afternoon.  I will be going back to work tomorrow.  I hope she does well then, too.  Today, each time she stood up to go somewhere, GrandBoy grabbed her hand and said, "I help you walk, K?"  Such a sweet boy!

Daughter #3's car is not fixed yet.  It appears the water pump stopped working, and she drove it with no water, and the radiator blew up, and that is not the end of the story.  So maybe we will know tomorrow if it can be fixed.

I went to pick up some rent tonight.  I usually don't do that on Thursday, but it has been a very slow month!  I hope this weekend will be good for rent collection.  I'm suppose to rent a house this weekend.  Hope that happens! 

I am looking for a refrigerator for an apartment.  I went to the Habitat Store today on the way to Daughter's surgery.  I called, and they only had one refrigerator.  I wanted to pay for it and pick it up this weekend.  Well, I got there and saw it.  The bottom of the refrigerator, that goes over the drawers, was broken in two places, almost in three pieces.  I asked the price, and the lady said $150.  I bought a perfect side-by-side there for $150.  I offered her $100, but she would not take it.  So I left.  Still need a refrigerator.

Just got a call that Daughter #3 needs a ride to work.  I will be picking her up when I am normally getting out of bed.  A mom's work is never done!  Honey

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