Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Goats

This past week has been busy here on the farm.  Last week Pappy and GrandBoy found new born twin goats in the field after a very cold night.  (at least as cold as Alabama winters get in January!)  The mama goat didn't have milk, so Pappy and GrandBoy brought the babies in and put the in a wicker laundry basket in my kitchen.  Pappy was feeding them powdered goat milk in a syringe.  Later they were outside again.  GrandBoy starts yelling at the top of his lungs, "PAPA!  PAPA!  I found another baby goat!"  Pappy thought he was pretending, but he hurried over to GrandBoy.  Sure enough GrandBoy had another baby goat!  This one was being cared for by his mother, though.  All three of these babies were boys.  So Pappy fed the twins in the house formula.  Later that night, they died.  I think something was wrong with them.  The single baby is doing great, and running and playing in the pasture with its Mama.

The chickens started laying again last week.  I hope this keeps up.  Since the goats are now kidding, Pappy told me we can use the last of the goat milk in the freezer, and he'll start milking the goats in a couple of weeks.  So I will be able to save a little money not buying milk and eggs.  Food is so high, and I don't even have to buy that much!  We grow much of our food, and try not to buy processed foods.  I don't know how people that purchase all their own food are still able to buy any. 

Daughter #1 is doing well with her nursing school.  She stays busy all the time.  I'm glad to see things coming together for her.

Daughter #2 moved out of our home last night.  Not much else to say about that.

Alabama had tornadoes last night around Birmingham.  Tornadoes are always scary if you live in Alabama.  Only two people are dead, I believe, which is a blessing.  We have flooding here where we live.  Hope this is the last of the stormy weather.

I hope you all have a blessed day!  Hope to see you tomorrow.  Honey 


  1. Oh Alyssa would so love those goats!!!! They are just precious! We thought we were going to get to come in in March for a week and I was going to bring Jamey out for a visit but we found out today that they denied his leave :(

  2. I'm sorry y'all can't come visit , too! I'd love to see everyone and meet your sweet baby!