Monday, January 2, 2012

Busy, Busy

Well, today was the last day of my Christmas holidays from work.  I had so many plans for this lazy week between Christmas and New Year's Day.  But for some reason, not many of those plans came to pass.  I'm really behind in a lot of my housekeeping duties and goals since my surgery and the holidays.  So I never really decorated much for Christmas.  I did no baking, and no present making.  The week after Christmas I planned to pack up the Christmas decorations, catch up on laundry, clean out the toys, clean out my car, and do some office work.  Nothing on that list, except doing a few loads of laundry, has happened.  Today I had four appointments to show property, all over the north part of our county.  Pappy said, "why don't you tell them you're not making appointments today?"  I said, "Because it is January, and this is the best time to try to rent something all winter".  We have two properties of our own empty, and three that I manage for other people.  So my plans got pushed aside, and property was shown.  I have to develop some work hours.  That's what I need to do.  I need to be BOLD in reclaiming my time.  Where's my calendar?

Today is day 2 of Praying 31 Days for our Spouses. Today we prayed for Salvation.  Pappy and I have been married 29 years last week.  I have prayed for my husband's salvation every day of that 29 years.  One day it will happen.  I keep praying.

Today on the farm, we sold a bottle calf.  The calf is about 8 weeks old.  Pappy found him when he was a day old, and the mother was dead.  So pappy carried this 100 pound calf about a half mile to the truck, and brought him to our farm.  Twice a day he bottle fed the calf.  I've never seen such a gentle calf.  Yesterday, the calf tried to lick GrandBoy's face, like a puppy.  A hunter that parks by our house, saw the calf, and bought him.  That is nice for Pappy to lose that chore.

It will be in the teens tonight here.  That is very cold for Alabama.  Pappy brought in all the baby rabbits so they won't freeze.  Two more moms are pulling out their fur, so we will probably have more litters tonight.  Pappy will check them again before bed.

Night before last, I went outside after dark, to get some milk out of the extra refrigerator.  I heard a chicken "screaming".  I could see it flopping around on the ground, so I knew something had it.  I yelled twice for my girls, or someone in our house, but no one heard me.  I was thinking that I really needed a gun, but there was no time to go back to the house.  I ran down to the chicken pen, while praying the predator wasn't a fox or something.  It was a hawk! I had not seen one up close like that.  I started yelling, and trying to get the door open to get into the pen.  The hawk started flying around inside the pen, like he forgot how he got in there.  Finally he found the hole he had made in the mesh at the top of the pen,  to get inside.  He flew out, and sped away.  Later, I told my husband about my adventure.  He said he would have paid $1,000 to see me trying to get that hawk out of the chicken pen.  Well, fast forward.  I came home this afternoon, and the hawk was under our carport, trying to get in the cage where the doves are kept in the summer.  I think he thought there might be seed in there.  The hawk flew off when he saw me.  I told Pappy.  He had seen the hawk trying to get to the baby rabbits today.  He thinks he is young, and doesn't know how to hunt much.  I think his days are probably numbered.

Our house dog needs to go to the vet tomorrow.  Somehow he injured his mouth, and it became infected.  He is a miniature long hair dachshund.  His jaw is swollen, and you can smell the infection.  We don't know what he did.  Whether he broke a tooth, or jabbed something in his mouth.  Maybe the vet will be able to tell us.  He is just laying around, trying to stay out of every one's way.

These are our twin daughters who will be 23 in March.  Daughter #1 planned these photos of she and her sisters for my Christmas.  This is the only one I could copy off their facebook pages.  I will have to get more to share soon. 
Well, I guess I will get ready for work in the morning.  I hope you all have a great week.  Honey

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