Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chaotic Morning

Today was Tuesday, and it was our first day back to work.  This day really started out on the wrong foot.  The first thing I do each morning when I get up is to look at my phone to see if I have missed any calls or texts from Daughter #3.  There were no missed calls, so I started getting ready for work.  Last night was the coldest night we have had here since last February.  It got down in the teens, and was very cold.  Within minutes, the phone rang.  Daughter #3 was on the phone, and I could tell, about to cry.  Her car was broken down at a busy intersection, and she wanted me to come, hurry, and bring lots of water and anti-freeze!  She said her car quit, and wouldn't start back up.  She was sure she needed water and anti-freeze, though.?  So I told her one of us would be there shortly.  We live about 30 minutes away, and were not dressed.  I woke Pappy up, and he went to help her.  I also called a wrecker to get the car moved to the garage we use, and out of the road.  By the time all this was done, it was 7:30, and time for me to leave for work.  Problem was, I wasn't dressed.  So I threw on some clothes and rushed out the door. 

The wrecker driver took her car to our garage and Pappy took Daughter #3 to work.  Our mechanic said her radiator busted and the cost would be $270.  So Pappy said fix it, and Daughter said she would pay us back.  One delima solved.

Daughter #2 took our small dog to the vet.  I believe I told you yesterday he was sick.  He had a bone and some meat lodged in his jaw.  The vet removed the bone and debris, and gave him medicine.  No more bones for him!  Tonight he acts like he feels much better.

I wanted to share with you that I enrolled again today for the Hello Mornings challenge.  The sign up for this wonderful group ends tomorrow at 5:00 I believe.  I have done this challenge twice before and it is a great way to encourage yourself to spend more time in the mornings getting ready for your day.  I am NOT a morning person.  I am a night owl, and always have been.  But I am trying to get up earlier, and use that time for special things I don't have time for otherwise.  I read the Bible, pray, have a bite to eat.  Some people exercise, but so far I'm not a part of that group.  If you need more hours in your day, why don't you join us and try this?  I remember last time, there was a lady who said she was going to get up at 4:00.  I said, "If I got up at 4:00, I might as well not go to bed!"  But everyone choses the time that works for them, so don't be put off by that.  Just try it!

Our weather will be cold again tonight, and then heat up to the 50s by Thursday.  Pappy is waiting up for some more rabbits to be born.  So far two nests of babies are on my kitchen table.  No sign of the hawk today.

We had our own pork roast fixed in the crock pot, with potatoes and carrots, and iced tea.  So good.  This was the first "most normal" meal I have eaten since my surgery.  We'll see how it goes! 

Daughter #1 is off work till Monday.  She has orientation for Nursing school tomorrow, and oral surgery Thursday.  Pray for her and for us that everything goes smoothly for her.

Well, I guess that is all the news from here.  See you tomorrow.  Honey

This is the photo we used on our Christmas cards this year.  This was taken on July 4.  Everyone was shooting skeet at our annual gathering, and GrandBoy dind't like the noise! 

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