Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 8 - The Cows are Out

31 Days of Homestead Living

Hello, welcome to our farm.  Today I am going to talk about something I dread more than almost anything.  The phone call where someone tells me we have cows out.  We rent a lot of pasture for our cattle.  All over the county.  So when someone calls to tell me the cows are out, I have to be certain to find out which pasture they are referring to, and try to find out how many cows are out. Sometimes its a good idea to ask what color the cows are.  Because more than once we have been called about cows being out that weren't ours. 

We've had calls of the same cows being out for four days in a row now.  And that pasture is about 45 minutes from where we live.  And it is not just one cow out, but all of them.  It is very annoying when this happens, and it takes up a lot of time, as well.  Usually cows get out in the spring, so this is a little unusual.  But I'm sure my husband will figure out the problem and fix it.

Once someone came down our driveway, and told us they thought some of our cows were at their house, across a cotton field from us.  When I got to their home, there were a bull, two female cows, a bull calf, and a donkey there that belonged to us.  The bull went through our fence and walked to their house because their cows were in season.  The rest of the crew followed.  I'm sure they looked like some odd parade walking in a row to the next farm!  They just opened their gate and the crew just walked right in. 

I used to have to leave work if we got a call and I couldn't reach any of my family by phone.  But now my husband is retired, so I can usually find him, and he will take care of the problem.

We have signs on all our fences giving our phone number in case cattle get out of the fence. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Come back to see me soon.  Honey

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