Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 10 - Just Do It

31 Days of Homestead Living!

Hi!  Welcome back to our farm.  Today's post is not going to be what I planned.  It is just something I felt was appropriate to cover.  Everyone has days that they don't feel like doing anything.  Days where you just want to go back to bed.  That is kind of the day I had. I received sad news about one of my children.  But when you have a farm, all this just doesn't matter.  You have to do "it" anyway. 

The animals all need to be fed and watered.  The eggs need to be gathered.  The hay needs to be put out.  My husband has to go and check the pastures at other places where we have cows and make sure they are all cared for.  Even if I get bad news, and just want sit down and ignore the world, I still have things that have to be done.  This is not just our home where the laundry can sit in baskets.  It is an investment.  Of money as well as our time and life.  And sometimes we have to be bigger than we want to be.  I may be able to get my family to eat frozen pizza for dinner if I don't feel like cooking, but the cows don't care for it.  Sometimes we have to remember Nike, and "Just do it". 

Our family


  1. Found your blog through the Blogelina class. Best wishes on your farming! What a great topic to blog about!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! We enjoy the farm. Can't wait to stop by your blog. Honey