Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of My Real Farm Life - Day 1

31 Days of Life on Our Farm!

Hi!  A few days ago, I saw on The Modest Mom Blog, where she was going to link to a series for 31 Days.  She is going to talk about femininity.  That was a few days ago, so I still had time to think about it.  I thought that would be a good thing for me to try, to commit to posting on a single topic for 31 days.  I had forgotten, but I also knew about two months ago, that another blog I follow, MOD, was also going to participate. 

This morning when I got up, I saw on twitter the buzz about "31 Days".  It took me a moment to remember what exactly that was.  Then I realized it was October.  End of the months, and First of the months are busy for me.  I am a property manager and real estate investor with my husband.  We also have a farm.  At the end of the month, I am trying to make sure all the rent is collected, and any evictions that have not paid are forwarded to my attorney.  The first of the month, I am trying to shove rent money in the bank as fast as I can gather it up.  We have mortgages to pay, you know! 

So somehow I forgot that it is October now.  I guess because it is Saturday, and I didn't have to think so fast today.  When I noticed all the talk about 31 Days, I went over and looked at the links.  I tried to think of what topic I would write about if I were going to participate.  I really need to work for 31 days on "putting my husband first"  or "letting my adult children go"  or something like that.  My husband would say I need to working on "keeping a cleaner house". 

I am not a computer geek.  When I tried to link to the host site the first time, my button process didn't work very smoothly.  No photos popped up, so I chose a photo of our farm sign.  I thought a template would come up, because most of the buttons looked the same.  I never saw that.  Somehow my first button didn't work because the address was wrong.  So I made a second one, using my real blog button.  Since my button says "My Real Farm Life"  I guess that narrows down what I will write about.  Life on our farm.  For thirty-one days, I will tell you what we do each day on our farm.  I may still throw in a little about how I will try to remember to put my husband first, like a good Biblical wife.  Or how I am going to make our kids solve their own problems, as I was told I need to do.  And I WILL get this house clean before company comes from Texas on an unknown mystery date in the next month or so.  (That is how they do it in Texas, I guess.  They tell you ahead of time they will be coming soon.  Then they call and tell you they will be here in 3 days.  The next thing you know, they are having dinner in a town an hour away!  But we always have a good time when they are here, and if they notice my dirty house, they don't tell me.)

I hope you all stop by and keep me accountable on this new journey for me.  I hope to see you back here tomorrow!  Today on the farm, we will be making grape juice to can, and moving cows.  I'll write more about that later.  I just wanted to post something quickly in case you stopped by.  I hope you stop by!  Honey

This is a photo from our farm.  Our pole barn is on the left, and the Club House, as my husband calls it, is on the right.  That is where we have parties, and I do some of my canning.


  1. Oh my word! That makes me want to go home!!!! What a fun way to walk through the month!

    I hope you have the best time!

  2. Thanks ! I hope you come back tomorrow, Stacey! I'll miss you if you don't! We'll have lunch after church if you want to stop by. See you then.

  3. I've always wanted to live on a farm and I'm excited you are willing to share yours with the rest of us. Thanks! I'm looking forward to all 31 Days!!

  4. Hi Cookiefish,

    I'm so glad you stopped by! We have only been doing this about 10 years, and neither of us grew up on a farm. So if we can do it, you can too. See you tomorrow! Honey