Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days of My Real Farm Life - Day 13

31 Days of Life on Our Farm!

Today was one of those days where all you do all day is put out fires!  Or at least that was the way I felt.  I got up at 5:00 because GrandBoy couldn't find his paci.  At that time, the house was fine.  Since I still had an hour till time to get up, I reset the clock to ring at 6:30, and laid back down with GrandBoy.  When i got up at 6:30, I took one step into the bathroom, and knew immediately that the floor was wet.  So was the seat!  I thought the toilet had maybe overflowed.  Instead, what had happened was that we had a hard rain, and the roof leaked in that bathroom over the toilet. 

I wiped off the toilet, took the photos of the wall, moved the toilet tissue, and wiped up the floor.  I got dressed, got GrandBoy dressed, and woke up Daughter #2 and Pappy.  The time is now 7:40, and I should have left for work 10 minutes ago.  I still had not packed a lunch, loaded the car, and those sorts of things.  I called into work, and left a message that I would not be able to come today.  After things started to open for business, I called our roofer.  He said he would work me in, and call back.  Two tenants had rent to be collected, so I made appointments for that.  I filled up my car, and went  to both post offices, but there was no rent at either place.  Pappy called to say that the other car was ready to be picked up from the shop.  So I made plans to pick it up when Daughter #3 got home from work.  I also picked up milk, and got a few other marked down items, like organic butter, cookie dough, yogurt, bagels, and a deli pizza.  I deposited the rent I was able to collect, and went home to meet Daughter #1.   The roofers came and got started.  I told them I had to run pick up a car, and I would be back in about 15 minutes. 

When I got back the roofers were finishing up.  Pappy and GrandBoy pulled up.  I paid the roofer, and told Pappy that there was a pizza on the stove for lunch.  I ran and got  some more rent collected and came back within an hour.  After I got home, I took a bite of pizza, and my tooth broke off!  I had known it was going to break, and I had scheduled a dentist appointment for Monday.  So far, I am pain free.  I hope it stays that way.  I am covering my tooth in prayer, you can believe!

So I will be on track tomorrow.  Hope everything goes more smoothly then.  Talk tomorrow.  Honey

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