Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of My Real Farm Life - Day 18

31 Days of Life on Our Farm!

Well, I made it through dental surgery.  I went yesterday at 1:00 pm to have my tooth pulled.  It took an hour to get the tooth out.  That must be unusual, because they said it never takes that long to pull a tooth.  This tooth should have had one root, and it had three.  So I guess it was somewhat of a big deal.  I kept ice on my face religiously to keep the swelling down.  This morning when i got up, my eyes were almost swelled shut, and my mouth drooped on the side the tooth was pulled.  I hope this isn't permanent!  Other that a soreness, from the pressure of pulling on my jaw for an hour, I really don't have pain.  I'm afraid I may start to bruise tomorrow, but we will see.  I'm glad the tooth is out. 

I had a hair appointment today, but I cancelled it.  I had to stay home from work today because I didn't think I should drive since I had been on pain medication the day before.  I went back to bed and slept till 10:30.  Tomorrow I will resume my normal life.  I really didn't need to lose two days of business, but that happens sometimes.

The neighbors brought over 3 grocery bags of turnip greens, and a bag of cayenne pepper.  I put the pepper in two baskets until I can do something with it.  The greens went into the refrigerator outside until I can process them for the freezer.

So there really wasn't much going on at the farm today.  It stormed here tonight, and we really needed the rain.  Pappy worked at daughter's trailer today, and bush hogged one of the pastures this evening.  So tomorrow everything will be back to normal tomorrow.  See you then.  Honey

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