Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 4 of 31 Days of a Farm Family's Life

Day 4 of 31 Days of a Farm Family's Life

So sorry I missed you earlier today.  First, at about 9 pm last night.  Pappy went to bed.  I went chasing him down the hall, saying, "You didn't tell me what all you did today so I can blog about it!".  He told me to listen close, because he was already in the bed.  I listened, and then let him and the GrandBoy go to sleep.  I came back to my desk, and started to write, but for some reason, I couldn't keep my eyes open.  The night before that, I started having kidney pain.  So much so that Pappy asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital.  But I didn't, so we stayed home.  Since then, I have been treating myself with cranberry juice and water.  So I think I fell asleep on my keyboard because I was lacking caffeine!  I went to bed by 10!  (Very early for me).  I told myself I would get up early in the morning and finish.  But I wasn't able to do that either.  I stayed in bed till the last minute, then got to work 10 minutes late.  But I am now much better.  Thank you for asking!

Yesterday, Pappy got up and fed and wormed the dog.  He got GrandBoy ready for school and dropped him off.  He called and was able to pick up the tractor from the shop.  This will help with moving our hay.  He talked to a new hay cutter man who is going to look at our hay fields to see about cutting them this weekend.  The old hay cutter man called to see if we were still going to need hay.  Pappy told him, "Yes".  I said, "shouldn't you have told him we weren't buying hay from him? "  He answered, "he didn't ask where we were buying our hay."  Someone is in for a surprise.

Pappy put the goats up, then found where the goats were getting out here on our farm.  He and our daughter then fixed the fence. 

Pappy is planning a trip to our new pasture about 45 minutes away from here.  He will need to take everything with him, because he won't come home till dark.  We would like to get a camper to put over there so we could spend the weekend.  Maybe one day.  This farm was my Uncle's.  He passed on this year, and my Aunt leased it to us.  We are getting it ready to put cows on.  In the past, I believe, it has been used for crops.  Pappy is going to try to get a grant next year to run water to the animals.  We can get a grant for running water to animals, just not to people!  We are excited about this farm,  This will allow us to expand our cows, and not have to worry if someone we rent pasture from decides to sell their land.

Yesterday was a big rent day for us.  I picked up rent from a few people, and then stopped and picked up deli sandwiches for our dinner.  It was church night, and we were going to visit at a nearby congregation.  Pappy was not excited with sandwiches for dinner.  After dinner, I came home from church, cleaned up, and went to bed.  So much for farm work from me today!

Well, I think that is all for Day 4.  See you soon!  Honey

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