Friday, March 9, 2012


I'm sorry I've been away for the last week.  We were in a tornado last Friday.  I was at work.  Early in the day, it started looking dark and earie outside.  I told my boss that it looked just like the day last April when tornadoes struck here.  Little did we know what was to come.  Weather sirens started going off, and kept going off.  We didn't  know exactly where the storms were, or what was going on.  At one point my oldest daughter texted my that Pappy wanted me to call my parents, cause there was a tornado over their home.  My parents have been hit by tornadoes twice before in this same home.  The most recent time last April.  I tried to get them to move, but they have not listened.  I called my Mother, and she said they were under the house.  She said the sirens were going off, and their power was off.  She said police were speeding down the road but they couldn't tell where they were going or what had happened.  Later we would find out that the neighborhood behind my parents home had been hit again.

Daughter contacted me and told me our power was off.  That she, Pappy and GrandBoy were in our storm shelter.  This was about 10 in the morning, I think.  She told me the neighborhood beside us had been hit, and we could not get in our driveway for downed trees, but we were safe for the moment.  When 12:00 came, I told my boss I had to leave to see about my home and family.  I got in my car and went north, not realizing the extent of the damage.

I went to cash my paycheck, in case the banks closed.  Where we live, they were already closed, I would find out.  I stopped to buy batteries and a newspaper, but lots of things were already sold out.  Pappy would need cigarettes.  As I got in the small town about 10 miles from where we live, the commercial section of town had been hit.  The parents were parking on the highway, and walking to the church to pick up their school children.  The restaurant had been hit.  Every where was damage.  It was hard to look at.

Pappy had already told me one road home was impassable.  So I began trying to find a way home.  Our whole road was closed on the section we live, because the tornado took out eight power poles and the lines.  All the lines going the half mile off the road to our home, were down.  The trailer in front of our home had been hit.  The storm jumped over our home, and hit the neighborhood behind us.  I parked in that neighborhood, and started walking across the cotton fields to our farm.  I found a large tote bag in my car, and put all the groceries in it.  I slung my purse across my chest and started walking. 

I'll type more tomorrow.  It's getting late here, and this is kinda a long story!  See you tomorrow.  Honey


  1. How scary! I'm so glad your family is ok.

  2. Wow, so glad your family is ok! How is the clean-up going? How are the animals on the farm?