Thursday, June 30, 2011

Check out this Give Away at Raising Arrows!

Getting ready for the 4th of July celebration!

Amy at Raising Arrows is having a wonderful give away today. She is giving away a one year membership to Connections Network. This is a blogging community designed to encourage you and energize your blog. I DEFINITELY can use this! I made a decision this week that I am going to be dedicated to getting this blog up and running, and checking out alternate ways to make income from home. This prize would be a blessing to me, I'm sure.

I have been self-employed for the last 16 years. One of our daughters learns much differently than other children. I was always having to re-teach her a home, what they were covering in her class. It got to the point, that I could no longer do her homework over the phone. When the opportunity came for me to take a layoff and cash in my retirement (all $2,500 of it, you know this was a while ago!) I did it. My husband was a third shift police officer at the time, and I really needed the flexibility of being self-employed to care for my family.

So anyway, back to today. About three years ago, I made $36K working for myself and being available over the years to parent my children, be supportive of my husband, and manage our residential properties. About two years ago, one of my clients cut my hours. Over time, I have reached a point, where I can only depend on about half the amount I used to make regularly. I have been thinking of new clients to target, but my husband retired in October. He would like for me to retire, too. But I like working. So working from home would be nice for both of us, and I hope he will feel it is an acceptable compromise.

So after our annual party Monday in honor of Independence Day, I am going to rework my schedule so I can make time daily for promoting my new work at home ideas. Wish me luck, and pray that I will benefit from this great give way from Raising Arrows!

Tomorrow we will return to life on the farm! Love, Honey

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